Under Secretary for Education, Mr. SZE Chun-fai, Jeff, JP Visits C&MA South Horizons Nursery School

Under Secretary for Education, Mr. SZE Chun-fai, Jeff, JP, together with Joint Office for Kindergartens and Child Care Centres CServO Mr. CHIU Tseng-hung and ServO Ms. LEE Yan-fong, visited C&MA South Horizons Nursery School on 12th December 2023 (Tue). Principal Ms. MOK Yee-wah , accompanied by Ms. NG Yin-hing, General Secretary of the Social Services, Rev. LAU Lap-mo, Chairman of the School Management Committee, and Rev. CHAN Yu-kow, School Supervisor, guided the guests on a tour of the school premises and introduced the school's history and service features. Mr. WONG Ka-keung, Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association, and Mr. Tong Yung-kwai, Vice Chairman, shared with the guests how the school promotes parent education and supports working parents.


During the observation session, Mr. Sze experienced "free play" together with the children, recognizing the school's child-centered approach and the learning through play philosophy, which effectively nurtures children's knowledge, skills, and attitudes for holistic development. Mr. SZE expressed his concerns about education in Hong Kong and had discussions with the principal and school leaders on kindergarten education development and related issues.


To express our gratitude for Under Secretary for Education, Mr. SZE Chun-fai, Jeff, JP 's visit, the K3 class children created art pieces inspired by the "Miró's Poetic Daily Life" exhibition they visited earlier. They connected art with life, symbolically expressing the essence of the school. The school's representatives presented the artwork to Mr. SZE and took commemorative photos together.