360 Neighbourhood Wellness Service for the Elderly


C & M A Elderly Service has long been providing a range of elderly services rooted in our understanding that the elderlies need a sense of belonging and that they do possess competence. In recent years we are charting our course along holistic health and promote to them through activities a practice of managing their own health. In fact, self-management of health is no longer a topic exclusive for the elderlies. It is something for everyone to learn and put into practice. We believe that health is a "savings account" - proper precautionary measures make deposits to that account. And regardless of age, taking precautions early is especially important.

We are pleased to have received funding from HSBC through the Community Chest to operate the "360 Neighbourhood Wellness Service for the Elderly" programme for 2 years at 4 of our neighbourhood elderly centres. It is a community-based programme to promote management of one's own health by the elderly, encouraging them to put into practice a healthy lifestyle in six dimensions, namely Physical Wellness, Social Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Emotional Wellness and Occupational Wellness. The programme involves multidisciplinary paramedical professionals and fitness instructors in providing regular health assessment, training, and consultation services. Through the programme, we hope to raise the elderly's ability in managing their own health and follow-up on any health issues so that they can enjoy their golden years.





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