Children Services


In the Spirit of Christ's Love, to preach the Gospel, to provide wholistic care, to serve the community.


Service Goals

  • Let children achieve all-round development on the moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic, and spiritual aspects in life.
  • Cultivate good habits in children and promote their self-care abilities.
  • Expand children’s curiosity and creativity to motivation of active learning.
  • Develop children’s verbal expression abilities to build their confidence and communication skills.
  • Provide happy social lives for children, so as to cultivate positive values, respect, and care for others in them.
  • Cultivate aesthetic appreciation towards life and culture in children.
  • Value parental participation, consider parents as partners in kindergarten education, and work with parents to nurture children.


Service Target

Children aged 2 to 6


Service Model

We adopt a creative and diverse activity model, in combination with children’s life experiences, abilities, and interests, to encourage the grasp of basic knowledge and exploration skills through the process of “doing”, and systematically observe and collect works of children to record their developmental journeys.



Caring, experienced registered childcare workers with kindergarten education training.



Breakfast, snacks, lunch, and afternoon tea are served every day. The menus are well-designed, nutritious, and delicious, so that children can take in balanced and adequate nutrition and enhance their physical health.


A Joyful School Life


Nursery School Pamphlet