Elderly Services

  Neighbourhood Elderly Pamphlet (Download)


Service Background

We started serving the elderly since 1983 when we launched the first elderly centre in Aberdeen. By 1991, we had opened 6 social centres for the elderly. Four of them became elderly neighbourhood centres in April 2003 while two became non-subvented elderly centres providing a fuller range of services.


Service Objectives

Motivated by our belief in community care and the need for a sense of belonging for the elderly, we provide services suited for the elderly and their carers so that they are able to live in a familiar community and to obtain support when needed.

We aim at advocating a sense of competence and lifelong learning for the elderly. To that end we promote and engage in the development of holistic health for the elderly by providing them with multifaceted activities that would allow them to live up to their potential in such a way that they would live life proactively. As a result they would form a healthy and happy self-image, continue to contribute to the society, and enjoy their golden years to the fullest.


Service Direction

In accordance with the policies of "Community Care" and "Fostering a Sense of Belonging" and in conjunction with our belief of caring for people holistically, we respond to the ageing population by walking with the elderly through this stage of their live journey, and setting our service tracks in the direction of promoting an all-around healthy and happy golden years for them.

We provide multifaceted services and activities to prepare the elderly for the different stages of ageing. To help them understand the ageing process and prepare for retirement and so forth, we organise courses on retirement living and seminars on health.

Aiming at encouraging the elderly to learn and practise healthy lifestyles, we map our elderly centre services in 6 Dimensions of Wellness: physical wellness, social wellness, intellectual wellness, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, and occupational wellness. These are implemented through providing tangible support in their daily living, encouraging them to continue to learn and live up to their potential, contributing to the society. At the same time they will gain self-confidence and enjoy their wholesome golden years.