About Us


In the Spirit of Christ’s Love, to preach the Gospel, to provide holistic care, to serve the community.

Brief History

Much of our community service arm was established in early 1980's. It was mainly set up by the Christian and Missionary Alliance and then entrusted to various C & M A churches to manage and operate. Main service outlets included elderly neighbourhood centers, day-care nursery schools, community centres, students' study rooms, and other self-financed service centres. Starting in January 1990, the management and development of C & M A social services was officially transferred to Christian & Missionary Alliance Church Union Hong Kong Limited. C & M A Social Services (formerly Central Administration Office for Social Services) was also established to handle the operation. 


In 1990, we officially became a member organization of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, and in May 1992 we became a member organization of The Community Chest of Hong Kong. 

Current Services We Provide:

Elderly Services

Our elderly services started in 1983. By now there are 4 government-subvented neighbourhood elderly centres and 2 non-subvented elderly centres serving the elderly in various parts of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and new towns. 

Children Services

Our services to children started in 1983. By now there are 6 government-subvented nursery schools in various parts of Hong Kong. They provide a safe, delightful, and well-equipped learning environment for children aged 2 to 6. 

Counselling Service

In 2007, we established the C & M A Personal Growth and Counselling Centre to provide group and case counselling to individuals and families. We also conduct pre-marital counselling and offer personal grown courses. In addition we offer training courses for pastoral staff, professional counsellors, and social workers. 

Other Services
In response to the changes in the community, we plan, establish, and launch innovative service projects. They include the Daily Meal Network that provide short-term food assistance to families experiencing financial hardship, and providing assistance and counselling service to families with young children.