Daily Meal Network

Service Description

We operated The Daily Meal Network Short-Term Food Assistance programme, subvented by SWD, from 2009 to 2018 in Kwun Tong, Wong Tai Sin, Tseung Kwan O, and Sai Kung. Starting in August 2018, the government expanded the short-term food assistance service programme to 8 areas and separated the existing service area of Kwun Tong from Wong Tai Sin/Sai Kung. At this point, Wong Tai Sin, Tseung Kwan O, and Sai Kung areas are serviced by The ABM HK Swatow Baptist Church Community Service Association, Christian & Missionary Alliance Church Union Hong Kong Limited, and Sai Kung District Community Centre, while Kwun Tong area is serviced by Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service and Christian & Missionary Alliance Church Union Hong Kong Limited.



Provide short-term food assistance to disadvantaged individuals and families in order to alleviate the temporary difficulties they face in meeting living expenses.

Target Groups

  • Low-income individuals and families
  • Unemployed, new immigrants, and the homeless
  • Individuals or families encountering sudden change and facing immediate financial hardship (such as illness and injuries, domestic violence, death of breadwinner, etc.)



[Download Daily Meal Network Short-term Food Assistance programme pamphlet (Kwun Tong area)]


Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must have reasonable and obvious needs, and that short-term assistance on food can alleviate their plight and provide them adequate relief and assistance.
  • The applicant must reside in Kwun Tong
  • Maximum monthly income and asset limits:


Household Size

Upper Limit on Monthly



Take-Home Income

   Income Level

   (See Note 1)

on Assets
(See Note 2)

1 or individual-based application




















6 or above





Note 1: "Upper Limit on Monthly Take-Home Income" does not include the employee's contribution to a Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Scheme (i.e. 5% of employee's salary). "Effective Income Level" refers to the income figure before MPF deduction.  

Note 2: The limit on assets is increased by $35,000 for each applicant or household member aged 60 or above.


How to Apply

  • Make an appointment with a Daily Meal Network consortium agency near the applicant's residence or by a partner organization’s referral.
  • Fill out an application form and bring the following for assessment: 

        1.The applicant's HKID card and those of his/her household members at the same residence. 

        2.Proof of residential address like rental agreement or utilities bills 

        3.Proof of income and assets of the applicant and his/her household members at the same


  • If the applicant cannot submit the necessary documents, the application may be delayed or ultimately denied.
  • Daily Meal Network reserves the right of final decision to approve or deny any application.


Service Details

  • Daily Meal Network will provide assistance for a duration according to an applicant's situation and needs. The longest is 8 weeks.
  • Mainly dry food items are distributed - such as rice, noodles, can goods, oatmeal, and eggs. In some cases, baby formula, meal or food coupons may be distributed to those who have the need.
  • We request that recipients of this service will pick up the food items once a week according to the agreed upon time and location. Different arrangements will be made in advance when the collection day falls on a public holiday.
  • All food items are sponsored by the government or donated by donors. If the recipient no longer needs the service, please notify the distribution agency so that the food can benefit others who have the need.

Withdrawal or Termination

  • The recipient can notify us at any time to terminate.
  • The recipient can withdraw when the recipient's situation has improved and no longer meets the criteria or no longer needs the service, or,
  • When the recipient will be away from Hong Kong for more than 7 days, or,
  • Other valid reasons.

Daily Meal Network (Kwun Tong)

◎Kwun Tong area

Area & Organization


Address and Service Boundary

Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service

Agape Community Care Centre


G/F, 1-10 Tsui Yung House, Tsui Ping Estate, KwunTong

(MTR Kwun Tong Station Exit D1)

Service Boundary: Wan Hon, Tsui Ping, Sau Mau Ping, Po Tat, On Tat, Shun On, Shun Lee, Shun Tin, Shun Chi Court, Kwun Tong Industrial Area.


Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service

Ngau Tau Kok Youth Integrated Service Centre


189, Ngau Tau Kok Road, The Central Plaza, Upper Ngau Tau Kok Estate, Kwun Tong (MTR Kowloon Bay Station Exit A)

Service boundary: Richland Gardens, Kai Yip, Tak Fok Garden, Amoy Gardens, Tak Bo Garden, Choi Ha Road, Ping Shek, Jordan Valley, Ngau Tau Kok.


Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service

Lam Tin Neighbourhood Elderly Concern Centre


Unit 5, G/F, Ping Yan Hourse, Ping Tin Estate, Lam Tin (MTR Lam Tin Station Exit A1)

Service boundary: Kai Tin, Ping Tin, On Tin, Tak Tin, Kong Tin, Hing Tin, Sceneway Garden, Kai Tin Tower, Lee On Court, Hong Nga Court, Hong Wah Court, Hong Yat Court.


Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service

Grassroots Family Support Station

(Service Assessment Centre)


Ground Floor, Pak Ling Lau, 251 Ngau Tau Kok Road, Kwun Tong.

(MTR Ngau Tau Kok Station Exit B2)

Service boundary: Lok Wah, Garden Estate, Ting On Street, Yee On Street.


Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service 

Elderly Concern Centre (Food Pick-up Centre)


G003, G/F, Lotus Tower 1, Ngau Tau Kok Road, Kwun Tong( MTR Ngau Tau Kok Station Exit B2)

Service boundary: Lok Wah, Garden Estate, Ting On Street, Yee On Street.


Christian & Missionary Alliance Church Union Hong Kong Ltd.

Yau Lai Neighbourhood Elderly Centre


G/F, Tsui Lai House, Yau Lai Estate, Yau Tong (MRT Yau Tong Station Exit B2)

Service boundary:Yau Lai、Yau Tong、Lei Yue Mun、Sam Ka Tsuen、Laguna City、Cha Kwo Ling

Project Web Site:dmn.cmasshk.org